My Alarm Bag

Hi, long time without new post in my blog and here i am. hehehe. Sorry that i was lazy enough to update my thoughts, my experiences, my story, etc.

Now i wanna share you something silly lately, hahahaa.. Why silly? Because it makes all people looking at you with those eyes that told “she’s a robber or something?” Yeah, quite surprise. It’s my alarm bag.

I am not kind of girl that always buy expensive things only for my pleasure. But someday, my friend told me that, “Cha, sepatunya bagus tapi tas lo jelek banget sih”. And i only laughing after that. At that time i wore Kickers and backpack “hotstyle”. I bet you all know Kickers and who knows HotStyle? Yes, my backpack isnt a branded item. I bought in Gramedia and like a backpack for junior high school maybe. But i love the design for sure, that’s why i bought that bag.

Okay, back to topic. So after my friend told it then i think for a while. i dont have branded handbag like a woman who work at office usually wear. I promise to myself that i will buy one bag that makes me like a woman not a student.

After office hours, i met my boyfriend at Tebet Green. I’m waiting at Opus Coffee, drink green tea blended and sweet potato with creamy spinach and read my new book “The Faults in Our Stars”. Good drink, good food, and good book. I recommend it.

Then my boyfriend came and we had window shopping there. And i found a “stand” that sell branded bag like Fossil, Zara, MK, Mango, etc with lower price. I interested with one bowling bag with zippers as a details and the shopkeeper told that it’s original Zara. I said, “really?” and she said, “yes if you dont trust me, you can prove it by going to store that had bar code detector. The alarm will active”. And after had bargaining with her, then we had a deal.

I brought it home then. In weekend, i try to use my new bag to go to Mall at Bekasi with my BF. When i want to enter jeans store, the alarm being active but fortunately not too many visitor there. And shopkeeper is worried and surprise why the alarm has been active when i pass by. And i realize and recall what the first shopkeeper told. Okay, i was happy that i am not being fooled.

It’s happened again while i went with my mom in the next day. Everyone is looking at me. Funny but it’s annoyed when every time i go to store that have bar code detector and the alarm being active. One of shopkeeper came to me and asked me if they can check my bag. She said that it’s not the first time and usually Zara’s Bag always activate the alarm. And then she check my bag and found that bar code was still in my bag but covered by “puring” or upholstery(?). And i need to brake it and re-saw it. 

Then i did it and find that bar code, hahahaa.. I havent checked it yet again, whether the alarm is still active or not. Hopefully not.

Thank you 🙂